Pisound as a MIDI controllable pitch shifter

Hi folks,
I have a need for a high quality stereo pitch shifter to shift live recorded analog audio loops (e.g. bass + piano backing tracks) by up to one octave in semitone steps without changing tempo. The pitch shift amount shall be settable on the fly via MIDI command (e.g. cc message) between 0 and 11 semitones.
I have not been able to find something that does this on the market.
Then I remembered that I have a Pisound unit which I think should be able to do the job.
So I thought about using Patchbox OS and MODEP and the CAPO plugin to do the pitch shift.
Since I’m new to this I would appriciate if you guys can answer some questions.
Is this a good approach? Do you think that this can work or would you suggest a different approach?
How can I implement MIDI control for the MOD CAPO plugin?

Thank you very much for your comments and help

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Okay, I was able to implement the function that I needed with a RaspberryPi+Pisound, patchbox OS, MODEP and the capo MOD plugin.
There is this great MIDI learning function in the GUI so you can have the pedalboard plugins learn the MIDI control commands that you send from a controller. Much easier than I thought it would be :slight_smile:
However, I’m not so happy with the quality of the pitch shifting though, especially when the shift is big and even when I use the high-quality setting.
Does anyone know of an alternative pitch shifting plugin that offers higher quality?

Thanks for your inuts and suggestions