[Pipe Request] MIDI Dispatcher

A very powerful pipe object would be a MIDI dispatcher, that distributes MIDI Notes from one Input-Channel to multiple MIDI Channels, according to a maximum voice-number of polyphony.

(like MidiDisp https://midisizer.com/midigal/mididisp/)


Reading through the linked doc, this the specification I came up with for the pipe, it’s a bit simplified to the basics, as some of the functions can be achieved by using other available pipes together with this pipe.

Let me know if there’s anything missing, or you’d like to be different :slight_smile:


Chord Dispatcher


A list of up to 8 channels to use for the note channel rotation.
Mode - cyclic, random, velocity based


Rotate the MIDI channels of incoming note on messages according to the above params. Handle note off messages appropriately based on when the original note gets an off message, or generate the correct note off message in case rotation overlapped without original note getting released.

Use cases

Get note on messages dispatched to different MIDI channels. This can be used for example by forwarding to a Virtual Output, and putting multiple matching Virtual Input pipes, in each new row placing Channel Remap to filter out particular note channels, and forward it to physical mono synthesizers to get polyphonic playback.



This will be very, very handy … and could for example make the Elektron Octatrack an stable usable 8 voice polyphonic sampler :wink:
… watch out Prophet X… hihi …

No, seriously: this would be a great feature!!! Especially in combination with the other functions!