Piano practice box

Hi there, I am running PiSond as a piano practice device.
What I have so far - PatchBox loading modep starting a piano pedal (the synth loading soundfont) so this is all good at this point.
What I would love more is a metronome. Lets say that I can start with the press of the button and set the speed with one of the knob. The other knob being used for volume.

Is modep the best solution for this? I don’t see any ‘metronome’ pedal, although I could create a sampler loop with a click and simply changing the BPM. Can I associate the button with enabling a pedal in a pedal board?


Allright there is a click pedal that can do stick/box sound on the beat.

Is there a way to map the PiSound Knob to a knob on a pedal on the pedal board? I see that I can assign midi, but there is no setting for button or knob 1 / 2

I read that the knob control only the volume, so I assume it can’t be mapped programmatically… maybe the button could be programmed to input bpm… I probably can map the wheel on my controller…