Pi Grounding Issue?

This is not really a Blokas issue but probably a general pi issue. I’m asking here in case anyone has a solution. So I am using my PiSound and modep as my bass rig. Small, compact with almost unlimited tone control. That being said, depending on the quality of the power where I’m playing, I get a loud hum that can only be solved by placing my hands on the strings. I’ve made sure the bass is properly grounded in itself and played the same bass through other amps and the hum is not there, only through the pi. So I’m assuming that because the Pi does not use a grounded plug it’s not properly grounding my bass. More noticeable on active basses.

Anyone else run into this? Suggestions on how to resolve?

There’s a couple of ground planes on Pisound, you could try to hook up the one on the Input side to some grounding point, like the earth contact on the power outlets, or metal chassis of some other grounded equipment or something. These are the locations of the input ground:

You can wire off of any of those 4 pins. Alternatively, the 6.35mm connector’s sleeve you insert makes the connection to this ground, you may build a custom cable with grounding wire going where it needs to go off of the cable.

Of course first try and make this connection without soldering anything if possible, just to see if it solves the problem.

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