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Hi, Midihub is fantastic with just midi pedals too! One question, as my DAW stops sending midisync when playback is stopped, does midihub have a pipe at least to keep the bpm of the DAW with the pedals? For instance, when DAW stops Hologram Microcosm returns to its own bpm and clock. How could I keep the DAW’s last / current bpm in the pedals even if midisync is monolaterally stopped by the DAW?

Hey @ESM (& welcome to Midihub forums!)

Can’t think of a way to do what you want directly
(for example, Midihub would have to have a way of outputting the the BPM calculated from incoming Clock messages as say a CC value to then be internally mapped to a Clock pipe)

Can you get your DAW to follow Clock messages coming from Midihub?
That would be the simplest way forward…

PS. I just might be possible to get your DAW to output Clock without running. A question for the DAW’s forum!

Hi Res! Thanks so much. Unless I stop playback and the track plays, no problems, but if I stop the track then the DAW stops sending midi clock and the BPMs of pedals go on their own BPM.

Ideally, if Midihub could tell or “untell” pedals to keep to their latest BPM regardless thereof if the DAW sends clock and beat, that would be wonderful. But if and how?:slight_smile:

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On which device do you stop the track? If this message goes through Midihub, you could filter out the Stop messages, so the DAW does not receive it. Also it might be possible to change the DAW’s preferences, to ignore Transport messages from certain ports.

Anyway, such functionality would require a specialized pipe, but I don’t think it would be possible to implement without at least a ‘hiccup’ when the sync signal disappears, as Midihub wouldn’t be able to know whether the tempo suddenly slowed down or disappeared entirely, without having some delay in place, before starting to produce BPM sync on its own, which can make it unpleasant.

From USB —> Midihub MIDI A —> the pedals MIDI IN.

Thanks a lot for your kind response and time.

If BPM remained in the pedal as is that would be great and enough, I will check your tip and revert.:wave:t3::wave:t3::wave:t3:

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OK, so you are doing Start/Stop with mouse/computer keyboard, Correct?

If BPM remained in the pedal

if Midihub could tell… pedals to keep to their latest BPM

Unfortunately, there is no magic “BPM” number sent to Midihub, Seyfi!

Check this out:
Watch Midihub’s MIDI Monitor as you Start/Stop Luna.

You will see something like this:


Luna will send a Start message…
…then a bunch of Clock messages every second …
…until it sends Stop
( the Luna manual says it will also send Song Position Pointer too)

Midihub and Microcosm, etc calculate the BPM by keeping count of the Clock messages.

Try it yourself…

when you change the BPM in your DAW/Master Device, the number of Clock messages per second changes too!

This means that when the stream of Clock messages stop, the devices quickly work this out (and Microcosm then does it’s own thing)

Possible solutions:

  1. Midihub adds a Clock Maintainer pipe which keeps a count of “Clocks” coming in and is ready to replace it if the flow stops.
    Giedrius explains above why this would have problems so is unlikley to be worth doing!

  2. Luna has capability to act as a MIDI slave so another device can act as Master.
    This adds a bunch of complications.
    I doubt Luna does this.

  3. Uaudio updates Luna to add an option to keep sending Clock even when stopped.
    I think some DAWs already do this but I don’t know.
    Ask on their forum?


if you are keeping the BPM the same for a session
and you’re happy to set the BPM in a Midihub Clock pipe for each session
and you’ve got other pedals that need Clock but aren’t as smart as Microcosm
then there might be a (clunky) workaround.
Send me a message if that’s of interest

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Dear Res, all your kind generous clarifications make so much sense. Interestingly, Free the Tone Future Flight delay pedal keeps the last BPM received from LUNA —> Midihub —> the pedal. Chase Bliss Mood MK2 and Microcosm go their own way.:slight_smile:

I will write to LUNA Feedback, I see there was the exact same comment previously sent, in gearspace.

A fourth solution I thought would be if the pedals themselves did something like the delay pedal does by keepimg the last BPM after playback stop.

A fifth option is the manual of course which I think could be a suitable thing as I am not recording when everything is stopped.:))

Best regards and thank you so much again. I am using and learning the midihub and it is such a great always keep tool, even if I wouls have an MRCC in the future.


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