PdPiPool: Modular Synthesis Patch Pool; Automatonism2

A good friend of mine created this AMAZING set of pure Data tools to patch Modular Synthesis style with Pure Data. I think many of us know that in the past 10 years or so there has been an incredible resurgence of Analog Synthesis tools, synths and gizmos. From Native Instruments’ blocks to Ableton in the DAW world have embraced this trend. I figured with this nice sounding DAC [pisound] why not create a set of patches others can try to get an idea of just WHAT can be created with


here is my Tweaked 303 with a Comb filter, some LFOs, random voltages and a few other fun Analog inspired abstractions [Wavefold]

i thought it might be fun for folks experimenting with Johannś tools to post patches here

PdPiPool-1.pd (145.5 KB)


Cool! I guess I could share something too, I made a simple ASR module which works really nicely with automationism. I’ll see about cleaning it up.

cool share when you get it done

Good to know you’re friends with Johan!

The first release of Automatonism, last Spring, was my first foray into virtual Modular. Had a blast with it, and it really helped me grasp what was going on in this space.
Discussed it with some people who have worked in Pd and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the reaction hasn’t been very enthusiastic as diverse solutions to the same problem have been created over the years.
In some ways, it’s almost ideally suited for pisound. The whole system for switching Pd patches while remaining headless makes a lot of sense with Automatonism. Try doing that with VCV Rack! :wink:

I love Automatonism i think’s it’s brilliant and is so much fun to design with

Automationism is the Bomb! I just created my first patch. Still wrapping my head around all this, but maybe someone will find this interesting.

redstarwizards_patch1_main.pd (145.2 KB)