Pdpi -pisound community patches 2017

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Thanks Patrick for your patches! They did a great job at getting my motivation with Pisound back to 100 after I got a bit frustrated wit some of my failed attempts at making a decent patch! :slight_smile:


There are a TON of new ones coming out in the new BLOKAS release
You are so welcome.

And i have a spectral sampler and some insane effects coming next month!

Also patches if you use a monome grid as well :slight_smile:


Amazing work Patrick. Thank you :slight_smile:


I’m really looking forward to this next version and to your patches!!!


i just fiished 12 new ones for the piSound and i am working on a WaveTable Synth that should be done tonight
They should All be released this coming week with the new Blokas App



I have some experimental patches that i need some bug testers for
You need to have the 32bit versions of LyonPotpourri & cyclone
I’ll post a link to the potpourri externals in a few moments

1.) Flammer is a algorithmic drum patch that uses LyonPotPourri & nSlam libraries re-compiled to piSound Blokas

2.) Quantaum Natives – is a Granular Sequencing Sampler it’s based on Dane Law’s work with the famous Sakonda Max/Msp granular Synthesizer

3.) Flutter - Is a Sample freak out affair – you load a folder full of samples and it goes bonkers [but you can control it to a degree :slight_smile:


really looking forward to those!

I’ll see if I can find some time to test these. Pretty busy atm, but just as intrigued to try them out!