Pd audio error DSP + GEM

I do get the ‘audio I/O error’ in main Pd window (red text appears next to the DPS switch) when running a patch with GEM objects and audio. The error appears when I switch the DSP on while GEM window has already been created or when creating GEM window with DSP already switched on. The text keep appearing and disappearing as I’m interacting with the patch. It also happens when I’m useing any of the GEM example patches so I’m guessing that my patch is no the problem here.

Pd 0.46.2
GEM 0.93.3
ALSA audio driver
pisound (hardware) as audio input and output device

I’ve just recently started using RPi and the error might not be directly related do Pisound.

That’s normal for GEM. i would NOT be trying to run audio with GEM even with this pisound guy
I would be using the MIDI though to control GEM :slight_smile: