Pc-12 Midi controller routing

Hello I have four pieces of gear that I am trying to connect. An elektron octatrack is used to control tempo and program changes to a Digitone and a syntakt. On the top of the midi chain is a faderfox pc12 channel midi controller. On preset 1 the midi controller is routed thru the midihub to the syntakt. The 12 channels of the syntakt are set to 1-12.

In preset 2 The octatrack is again master tempo and program change to the Digitone and syntakt. The faderfox pc-12 is routed to the octatrack and digitone IN. Channel 1-8 controls the octatrack and 9-12 are set to the Digitone.

The idea behind this system to is quickly have all 72 pots in the pc-12 dedicated to all 24 audio tracks between two pages.

Please see the attached drawing to explain.

I just received my midihub and set everything up accordingly. It seemed fairly straightforwad setting the midi IN and OUT routes internally in the midi hub on presets 1&2… I also programmed the pc-12 encoder button to send a program change message on channel 16 (cc1 on preset 1 & cc2 on preset 2) to avoid needing to cycle the button on the side of the hub.

I got it al plugged in and…disappointment

The tempo and program changes are working but the pc-12 was hit and miss. I watched the midi info pass thru the hub via my computer and it all looked like it should be working. The octatrack wasn’t responding to input from the pc-12 and the digitone intermittent. The syntakt seemed to work fine. I’m thinking perhaps I created some sort of midi loop with the octa track that was messing with me. Can anyone think of a reason that a track mute cc sent thru the hub to an octrack wouldn’t trigger?

Hi, please upload your preset here, so we can see if there’s any issue with it.


Midihub 2023.01.08 21.44.14 (Preset 2).mhp (456 Bytes)

Midihub 2023.01.07 21.55.21 (Preset 1).mhp (431 Bytes)

The port names don’t seem to match up with your drawing - it shows for example that Octatrack input is hooked up to Midihub’s Out B port, but the OCTA IN port name in the preset actually refers to Midihub’s Out A port.

Btw, if you are seeing messages getting dropped randomly somewhere in the chain, it could be due to a malfunctioned cable - I’ve had one cable fail like that in the past, replacing it fixed the drops.

thanks for catching this, i’m pretty sure that the drawing is just mislabeled as i drew it from memory. when i had it all hooked up, i remember seeing the orange lights on the midihub blinking in such a manner that it seemed to be routed correctly. Ill check into this and the cables. thanks

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