Patchstorage - Multiple downloads

Hello everybody.

After two years of using MODEP with my setup I decided to upgrade the software and I freshly reinstalled the new version of Patchbox.

Now, although i find the new Patchstorage facility being great, the drawback is that Patchbox comes completely empty, and downloading every single plugin one-by-one is a really time consuming operation. Plus, I often happen not to have access to the Internet and It could be good to have all of them loaded in my rig (as it used to be in previous version)

Is there a way to download and install all the plugins at once? Could a shell script do the trick? Even a multiple plugins selection on the Patchstorage page in Modep UI is ok for me… :wink:

Thanks a lot.

@aFunkyBass welcome back! After watching your videos, you’re the reason that I use MODEP on my RPi! :slight_smile:

You can install all plugins with the instructions that I posted here:

What I don’t know is if the plugins are current as a lot of work has been done to add/fix plugins over the last 6 months or so. I know it might be a pain but downloading just the ones you need might be a better option in the long run. Just my $.02.

Oh…and be sure to checkout the AidaX neural plugin. I modeled by GK700RBii and got pretty good results!

Ciao Jonas, sorry for being away from forum for so long, and thank you for your prompt reply… Before posting a new topic I’ve been looking around to see if someone had already answered my question, I must have missed yours!

Ok, it will take me a little time, but I’ll follow your advice.

To be honest, one of the reasons that pushed me to upgrade my system is the availability of AidaX plugin, so you can be sure that I’ll check it out. Never worked much with IR stuff and neural, I just curious. BTW thank you for the wonderful job you’re doing, porting the plugins on Patchstorage, like I said before, I find it awsome.

Another thing that I’d like to do in the next future is upgrade my hardware as well… I’m still stuck with my NI RigKontrol2 which is a little noisy and certainly not the fastest on earth. I’ll probably end up buying a PiSound and build a Pedalinomini controller, but I still have to make up my mind. Any suggestion?

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You’re quite welcome! I really do enjoy contributing to MODEP, both for my own personal use and for the community.

When I first started with MODEP I also bought a used RigKontrol but wound up selling it because it wasn’t a true MIDI controller. I then considered the Behringer FCB1010 but that was too big for my needs. So…I decided to build my own:

Happy to say that over a year now and it hasn’t failed me yet. Plus since I built it I can fix it. Right now it’s basically a stateless midi controller. In fact it can be used to control anything that can be controlled via midi. I’m doing some research now into a new version that will be a stateful controller specifically designed for MODEP. Probably a few months away.

So if you’re adventurous you can use the code I developed a long with the hardware mentioned in the linked post to build your own.

Ciao Jonas, I’ve finally managed to have all the plugins up and running on the latest version of MODEP and reworked a little bit of mi NI RigKontrol hack, it seems to be working fine now.

Maybe I’ll be going OT with the next question, but I tried your preset for AidaX and its sounds great… I wonder how to model an amp on AidaX? I couldn’t find any documentation about it…

P.S.: in the meantime I’ve ordered a PiSound which is on its way… When I receive it I’ll probably rebuild my whole setup

I would start here. To be fair there are a lot of steps and you have the potential to run into several issues along the way.

You will also need to have a reamp box if you’re trying to train AidaX from an amplifier.

Eventually I would like to train the 700rb again as I don’t think I had optimized the signal path.

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And I’m glad you liked the 700rb model. I have an old Line6 Bass Pod XT and there are several emulations on that device that I would like to model. One of them is the Acoustic 360. There are a lot of unusable sounds on that device but that one they nailed.

The Eden emulation isn’t bad either so I might model that one as well.