Patchbox on x86 - because of RPi shortage

Hi all!
as of RPi shortage some projects can’t continue further, or they are fairly expensive to continue.
I know that it’s possible to build x86 version of Patchbox or MODEP, but, I think there should be a fully functional x86 ISO of Patchbox OS too.
First of all, today there are very cheap, for 100€ mini PCs that has a lot more power then RPi and are more stable for audio usage. Also there’s Rock Pi X which is x86, and it’s also cheaper then RPi 4…
And with x86 we wouldn’t be only limited to RPi boards but we would have a lot more to choose and use in our production.
I hope that something can be done in that direction.
Also, MOD Duo live image isn’t a solution too. Sadly pretty useless, cool for testing, but nothing more.