Patchbox Modep Pedalboard iPad web interface app

I’m new to Patchbox OS and wanted to setup a multi effects pedalboard for my synths using a RPi4B and Behringer USB Audio/MIDI interface. Most of the computer devices I use for music are Apple. I wanted the Pedalboard in a separate app as I’ve done for other webpage based remote control user interfaces.
With the Pedalboard user interface from Modep, I could only create a shortcut on my iPad’s Homescreen that would just start new page in Safari along with anyhting else that might be open, complete with header bar, etc.
One could use Apple Shortcuts but that doesn’t give an app style fullscreen interface either. After some digging I found a solution I wanted to share so others with an iOS device could benefit.

I found the index.html start page of the user interface in the ./usr/share/mod/html/ folder
I edited the file (using command sudo nano index.html)
Under line 6 <meta charset="UTF-8">
I added <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">

That creates the ability to copy the Safari page to the iPad/iPhone Homescreen. It will create an icon that will act like a normal app, in fullscreen without the usual browser header information.


@Lyricon welcome to the community! That is a great mod!

Nice! We will add this to the next release.

@jtemple967 Thank you
@Pranciskus Thank you for including this!