Patchbox and gamepi43 controller

Hi, i have installed patchbox os on a raspberry pi 4b + running on a waveshare product Gamepi43 console. It has a game controller on board, i want to essentially run the m8 music tracker and hence testing out patchbox os since referred by user rowdy voyeur, and follwing the users instruction to going ahead with patchbox as os choice.

Been using patchbox for a month now, really enjoying the experience for sound related user purposes.

What i am not able to figure out is how to make changes to the game controller key mappings exactly, while using the m8 tracker, no mapping changes to its respective scripts reflect on the on board gamepi43 controller and it seems to use its pre fixed mappings. Key thing to note is out of the box the patchbox os does not seem to recognize the controller in terminal or the system, it only works when i manually install the game pi 43 controller driver from their official website which then makes the controller work, the official driver essentially is a recalbox os and or retropie os based made driver.

While the controller then works for the m8 music tracker or to overall navigate on the patchbox system, as limited as it would seem. For the m8 music tracker some of the button combination fails to work no matter even if i change the needed key mappings on its application side. If anyone could guide me to figure out where to look into exactly to resolve the controller mapping issue in patchbox ? Or which steps to take in order to fix it ? Thank you.

Thank you.