Patch launching issue via the app


Whew! I was running out of ideas of what else could be wrong. :smiley: Let us know if you see any more issues. :slight_smile:



Thank you for the awesome support Giedrius. Hopefully it will still work after reboot. I guess I could have just update my Raspbian to โ€˜Stretchโ€™ as it seem that nobody else encountered my issue. It seem that after your fix it was just a matter of a couple of restarts.
Iโ€™m hoppying to modify some of my patches so I could run the RPi+Pisound headless and use the app to controll it and see the values of the various parameters when playing.
Thanks again :+1:
Pisound support rating: 7/5

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You probably saw this already, but hereโ€™s a guide that should help you to get started, feedback is very welcome!

And a bit more technical documentation on

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