Part number for pi sound push button


My pisound arrived! Can’t wait to get it up and running.

I am planning to mount the pi + pisound in a hammond guitar pedal enclosure. With that in mind, I need to find a suitable button cap to sit on top of the switch so that the button is easily pressed.

What is the part number of the button switch used in the pisound?

I’ll need to find something like the green button cap seen here:

The part no is KSEK43JLFS -
But you will need to find a custom solution for the cap. :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks.I’m sure I’ll be able to figure something out.

either that or replace it with a suitable smt switch that does have a button cap…

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This looks good:

there are a range of options, including a tall button and a switch cap version. pcb layout looks identical.

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