Parameters Control


I am new user of Pisound + Modep
2 questions for assignments :
I can not assign the same midi CC to 2 different parameters (different plugins) ?
I would like to Assign presets list, but it is not possible with midi. Can we make devices equivalent on mod-duo to assign ? Buttons or potentiometers connected with arduino or other ?


Hi, if you want to assign the same MIDI CC to 2 different parameters you need to route each MIDI CC in two different MIDI channel. So if you have plugin 1 connected to MIDI channel 1 and plugin 2 connected to MIDI channel 2 and you send a CC on channel 1 … the plugin on the channel 2 will not respond to that midi control change.
About the preset list … it dipends about what plugin you are using. Some plugin are coded to respond to midi program change and for them if you send PC 1 it will select preset 1 and so on. That is not the case for every plugin. As an example Fluidsynth will respond to Program Changes while Dexed plugin will not, simply because programmers did not code that function. So it will be possible to have a feature in the future but you have to ask each plugin mantainer for what is planned and what is not.
I found that in Modep there are “snapshots” and using them is possibile to load on the fly an other “scenary” with different plugin preset applied. Unfortunately i didn’t find so far a way to map each Snapshot with MIDI control Change because if you to to Snapshot Load/Manage and click on Assign all it say that this function is not Midi mappable … even if i read somewhere that the feature was available.
Hope this help.

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