Organelle Patchbox module


Last year I was trying to make a kind of organelle clone. I stopped because I was testing with a rpi 2 without audio card, and audio was very glitchy, but I’ll share the code if someone finds it useful.

This is the patchbox module, GitHub - redraw/puredata-oled-module: patchbox puredata + oled + patches

You can connect an OLED device (like the SSD1306) and enable I2C in raspi-config settings.

You might want to connect a monitor to the rpi, so you can tweak mother.pd graphically in order to map CC values coming from your midi controller. I also remember using Patchage to connect the midi device to PureData.

This was my setup:

  • rpi 2 + wifi adapter
  • simple diy midi controller (thanks to Blokas USBMIDI!)
  • ipod touch 4 sending keys using touchosc, received by touchosc2midi daemon on the rpi