Orac remote PD client

Hey all,

I’ve tried a few successful installs of Patchbox and am trying to get the Orac module running in a useful way for a noob like me.

  1. Technobear uses this the remote PD client in his vids to control his Raspi with Orac installed. I’d like to do the same!
    I’ve got my Patchbox Raspi running well, I can connect via BlueTooth App, SSH and VNC (Windows 10) so I know I’ve got the right IP. The screenshot of my remote PD client with the correct IP. Intuitively I wouldn’t expect to be able to connect with just an IP address, and no login credentials, but I can’t seem to find much help out there.

  2. Alternately I’d settle for help turning ON the GUI for the PD that auto loads when you boot up the Orac module. hahaha is that WAY easier?

Raspi 4 Model B
PS can’t wait to make music with this little buddy, thanks for all the work that goes into it.

That looks right actually,

Just to check, I think you need the external ‘mrpeach’ to run this - have you got that already?. ORAC is great, but the documentation is a bit… ‘distributed’ I found :smile:

@thetechnobear has added just the externals it needs to github. Or you can use the ‘help/find externals’ function in Pd.


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Hey, there was an issue introduced recently in the Orac deb packages, please try again after running these commands:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install mec orac

# Just in case restart both services
sudo systemctl restart orac mec

Unfortunately after having a couple goes at this with your suggestions, still can’t connect with the remote PD client. Still open to ideas though!

@soxsa it turned out I didn’t have mrpeach installed, so there’s a step in the right direction.
@Giedrius after running the updates I’ve now got other issues. Looks like Jack routing is pretty messed up, getting dropouts, fuzzy and stuttered playback, seems unrelated to my OG problem.

Sorry to hear that. It’s worth persevering, as ORAC is really good. Have you got ORAC and the MEC services started? Using patchbox-config? If so you should hear his demo1 patch which has a drum machine running and a simple synth on midi channel 1.

On the audio problems, I should leave the the experts here - although if it were me I’d ask what it is you are running when hear that? A Pd patch, or is it the MODEP effects? Then I’d run the ‘top’ command from a terminal window and see what the CPU is doing - if you’re familiar with that. Pressing ‘1’ switches it to show you the load on in the individual cores.

On mine, when I connect using a screen or VNC, then sometimes the ‘pulseaudio’ server starts, which takes CPU and I kill that.

This is a real longshot…but just in case…how are you connecting? I spent some time wrestling with so odd behaviour, only to find that it was caused by connecting using Remote Desktop rather than VNC or screen/keyboard.

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Did you run the command exactly as I showed? It should have only updated the ORAC packages which wouldn’t have any impact on the issues you’re facing. Maybe something else changed on the system?