ORAC on RPI 400?

Hi, I’m new to this project. I’ve been trying to get up to speed on using Patchbox. WIth the shortage of RPI 4, I installed it on a Pi 400 w/ the keyboard and using a USB sound card. Seems to work overall, but I’m having a problem understanding how Orac is supposed to work. MODEP is working fine.

I’ve got the Orac module installed and on startup, I get the drum sound. On the midi keyboard, I can hear notes. But I cannot seem to turn the drum sound off or figure out how to get into the Orac Pd window to alter the sound.

I’ve tried connecting GPI017 to ground and 3.3v to simulate the Pisound button press without success. I installed the Button action configuration routine and can access the manage the button section in the dashboard. I tried opeing a webpage to

Am I doing, or forgetting to do something obvious?


I am hoping for some support on this. Help please?

Hi, you should run the Orac client patch in Pure Data and connect to the orac service, check out the @thetechnobear videos on this topic’s first post: Orac 2.0 for the Raspberry PI

Hi Giedrius and thanks so much for your support. I’ve watched the video multiple times and just don’t get it. Technobear is using a Pisound board and talks about pressing the button. I’m using a generic USB device with no button so I’ve loaded the suggested command that starts up MEC automatically.

When I choose the ORAC module from the Patchbox menu in modules, it starts up the drum beat but I can’t do anything to stop it except load another module. I can run the Pure Data module from the Patchbox main menu then choose Arp or MiniMoog and can play notes on my midi keyboard, so audio and midi appear to be working.

When you suggest running the client patch in PureData, I’m not sure what you mean. Would you be so kind to expand on that? Thank you!

Use this patch for controlling Orac: Orac Remote Control patches | Patchstorage

It’s not strictly required to run on the Pi itself, you could use your laptop, enter the IP of the Pi, and control it remotely.

If running on Pi itself, you probably want to enter or ‘localhost’ as the IP.