Orac: Is there written documentation somewhere?

I’m looking for written documentation about Orac.
Orac’s wiki is pretty bare and Technobear’s videos are ok but sometimes, written format is just easier to follow and navigate.

Does it already exist somewhere?

Hey, no, I don’t think there’s something else than the wiki. Do you have some questions in particular?

I don’t want to sound like I’m being critical just to be critical much less demanding (or a hijacker of this thread!). BUT a system (ORAC) that’s as interesting and as full of possibility as it is would benefit from “some” written documentation, more than exists now?

My opinion … perhaps on your website (if you have time! … and time is always the issue, I think!) there could be an A, B, C—three barebones simple patches for pure data on pisound (raspberry pi) and how to make them?

That’s a “wish,” or maybe a comment. It’s not even a request—-certainly not a demand!! … No reply even required! :slight_smile:

… hope this is read in the spirit in which it’s intended! (And I haven’t recently searched for what might already be out there so perhaps I’ve missed but I’m suggesting as a help …)