Orac 2.0 MIDI over USB

Hi all,

I’m really keen to get into Orac and I spent the last couple of days watching @thetechnobear videos and I’m finally hearing the sweet drum groove when I boot up patchbox. I assume the problems I had was due to not having a pisound and having the wrong audio settings I’m trying to use the GUI mark uses in this video.

But, no connectivity. I assume it’s because Mark is actually connecting through the pisound MIDI ports. so I tried connecting my OP-1 in CTL mode via USB and again, no dice. patchbox is probably not looking for MIDI messages through the USB ports.

is there any way I can communicate with this device? I tried Bluetooth, it doesn’t stop pinging so I have to restart my device to get out of the loop. I downloaded knoblab on my iPhone, nothing. The most obvious solution is to get a pisound but it will probably take a while to get here and I am doing this whole exercise to potentially buy an organelle.

P.S. If I could get Orac working on my mac it could save me so much trouble. I know Mark has commented on this in the past saying Orac is meant to be used as a stand-alone instrument, and I agree with that otherwise I could just use any DAW. It would be ideal if I could work on patches and test on my mac and then simply upload them to my device.

To the OS and software, Pisound’s MIDI ports appear the same as USB MIDI ports. Patchbox OS has our own amidiauto background process, some details about it can be found here. It should automatically take care of making virtual MIDI connections between the hardware ports, and software ports (such as ORAC), when devices get connected.

If MIDI does not seem to be flowing in the expected way, you can take a look into the virtual MIDI connections by running:

aconnect -l

Feel free to share the output here, after you have connected everything you want to use.