Open Stage Control


Hi all!

I’ve found Open Stage Control and I’d like to use it instead of using TouchOSC on Android or iOS.
Because Open Stage Control is open-source, free and more powerful.
I’d like to control MODEP with it, because I have a complex setup for controlling it, it needs to look nice, user-friendly and with many options which Open Stage Control has!

From my findings, TouchOSC and Open Stage Control use the same protocol and it should work with touchosc2midi if I’m correct… If not, please, can someone describe the problem and suggest another solution.

Would like to know how to get it up and running, I tried running it, but not sure how to set it up to send OSC commands to touchosc2midi > MODEP.

I’ve tried setting the same IP and port from TouchOSC that works for me, but I couldn’t get it working.

Can someone more knowledgeable try this?

Thank you!