Open an exec on startup (Dexed headless)

Hi there !

Is there a quick way to make Patchbox OS to open a exec on startup? I have a custom build of Dexed installed but I want it to automatically open it upon turning on the pisound. May be it is better to make a custom module instead? I’m new to linux and programing so any help on how to do this would be welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks !


It’s probably easiest to get it running automatically as a Patchbox OS module. See Modules - Patchbox OS Documentation, as well as the ‘Creating a Module’ and ‘patchbox-module.json reference’ pages.

Alternative would be to create and enable a systemd service, there’s ought to be some tutorials on the internet. You may check out pisound-btn.service for a basic example. The Environment is important if Dexed is using Jack and wants to connect to the shared Jack server instance.

You have to put your .service files in /etc/systemd/system/

After making any changes to the .service files, run this command once:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Then if you named your .service file as dexed.service, run this:

sudo systemctl enable dexed.service
sudo systemctl start dexed.service

Check if it went alright:

systemctl status dexed.service

See the run log like this:

journalctl -u dexed.service

(add -f to see latest messages almost in real time (the messages are buffered and actually appear delayed))

On reboot, the enabled services should get started automatically, as long as their dependencies are set up correctly, so they’re loaded in the correct order.