One note to initialize all CCs


I’m thinking about a pipe that, once received certain note on one MIDI channel (from an Octatrack connected to Midihub In A), transforms this trigger in sending value 0 to ALL CCs to some specific port (where a Faderfox is connected, Midihub Out D), so all these CCs are initialized in the Faderfox -check “diagram” :smiley:

I’m thinking about a From A → CH Filter → Dispatcher → Transform Note into CC → To D

But not sure if this is correct, and I would need some help here! :slight_smile:

So all CCids meaning one event in will create 128 outgoing?

16 Transforms to note ids 0,8,16,…,120 then see [2] below. 18 pipes but instantaneous

Or you can try the LFO route

  1. A 1-shot LFO (saw-up, 128hz res) would give 128 CC values which you can then Transform to 128 ids all with value 0.
    that would take 1 second. 2 pipes.

  2. If that’s too long you can do it at 8Hz ( giving values 0,8,16,…), Transform them to notes (on some unused channel), Harmonize them to get 8 notes from each one, then Transform the notes to your CCs.
    that brings you down to 1/8 sec. 4 pipes

  3. If that’s too long, you could try several 1-shots with different phases running at 16 Hz or more

There might be a nicer way but that’s the best I can think of now.

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Thanks for replying! I finally just needed a couple ccs so I created 16 pipes, one for each encoder, and transform note into cc and works ok

Thanks again!

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