One knob to rule them all ? (Bank of Presets + Randomized CC)

Hi Blokas and cie !

I have a great fun with the midihub. The good thing is I didn’t open Ableton since a while ! But I’m stuck on one thing. I’m actually using the Hub on several synths and pedals, and I control it with the EC4 from faderfox.

What i’m looking for, is a simple way to control multiple parameters with one button/knob. Let’s say I want to allocate a button or a knob on the EC4 to send a specific value to different CC destinations, like the amount of Cutoff on a synth and the amount of delay on a pedal, ect…It could be seen as a meta/mega preset to control multiple parameters on multiple gears at the same time. That way you could improvise and recall instantly some sweet spots you programmed on your midihub. I feel it is some way possible to do such a thing with the midihub, but I don’t know how, and the Transform pipe stay obscure to me to be honest.

Besides, I’m also looking for a way to randomized specific parameters and cc messages with that bank-of-presets stuff.

Thank you all !


Ok, It is actually quite simple to send a CC from one knob from the EC4, to duplicate a pipe numerous times, remap the input CC to different paths, and rescale its original value to desired outputs values. You could possibly do a midi pipe loop to map the output value with random CC LFOs. It is working that way, but it gets very quickly a giant mess on the editor !

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