On-board card no sound

Hi. Yesterday I downloaded Patchbox OS to try.
I managed to get sound with a usb card (M-Audio), but not with the Raspberry On-Board.
I can only get audio on the On-Board card if I uninstall PulseAudio.
I’ve mainly tested with Pure Data, but I haven’t been successful with any of the others either.
Any ideas?
Thank you very much.

Tested on a Raspberry Pi 3B.

Hi, did you configure the built-in audio card using the recommended settings at https://blokas.io/patchbox-os/docs/GettingStarted/#initial-setup-wizard ?

Yes, 44100, 512 and 3, as recommended.
Jack works fine, but there is no sound unless you remove PulseAudio. Then I have sound using Jack or just ALSA.

What is the Pure Data’s configuration when it’s not working? How does the Jack Client graph look like in Patchage?

The configuration is the same that comes predefined by default with Patchbox.
But I don’t think it’s something related to Pd, because I don’t get sound from any software, not even from the browser testing (for example) YouTube.

In case of using Jack as the backend, you should see all the audio clients in ‘Patchage’ software, check if stuff appears and gets connected together.

Everything seems to be correct, the audio outputs of any program (according to Patchage) are connected to the Patchage’s “system” box, on the playback_1 and playback_2 inputs.
But there is no onboard sound, only usb.
Also tried with qjackctl, different settings, etc…

Make it clear that I don’t use both at the same time. Disconnect the usb to test by the onboard card.

I’ve done some tests and checked when switching to a tv with speakers, that the sound only comes out through HDMI.
How can I change it to the 3.5 jack output of the Raspberry?
I tried to force it using raspi-config and from the desktop, directly over the speaker icon. But it always comes out through HDMI.

Check this doc: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/audio-config.md

Well, first, thank you Giedrius for the help.
I have read and tested the tips given in the link, but I still only have audio through HDMI.
Am I the only one who doesn’t have jack audio on the Raspberry using Patchbox OS?