Oled Display type

After more than a year, i finally came around to assembling the Midiboy.
I opened the package, and building it was a breeze, due to the abundantly clear manual/instructions.
(except one detail, see my reaction in the Optocoupler thread.)

However, when i got to the display, i noticed that the pins were severly bent. Later, i also noticed cracks in the display.

So when i did the first power-on test, the display showed nothing. No surprise there.

After some hassling with drivers and installing the software, I was able to install and run sketches. Using the midimon sketch and adding beeps to the button response, i was able to confirm that:

  • buttons are working
  • midi - usb interface is working
  • forcing it as midi-thru was working.

Moreover, using the schematics and a multimeter, i could confirm that all 7 pins of the display are connected to the correct pins of the ATMEGA328.

So the conclusion is:

  • board is working fine
  • display is dead.

I need to buy a replacement oled display.
Is it indeed an 1.3 inch 7 pin oled display with SPI interface?

Yes, it’s a 1.3" OLED module with SPI interface - it’s important for the IC controller chip on the device to be SH1106. Something like this one should work.

Did it get delivered already broken? If so, we can ship you a replacement display.

Be very careful when desoldering the old screen, as the traces on Midiboy PCB can end up getting damaged. The procedure for desoldering it would be:

  1. Use solder wick to remove as much solder as possible from every pin.
  2. Cut off the 4 holder pins in the corners once it’s possible after removing solder.
  3. Use a heat gun aimed at the 7 pins, and keep moving the gun it slowly back and forth along the pin line.
  4. After a while (and it may take a while), all the pins should reach solder melting temperature, at which point, you should be able to lift up the screen using some pliers or another tool, so you don’t get burnt. Always apply a very low force to lift, otherwise, PCB traces leading to the pins may end up detached from the PCB.
  5. Once the display is off, remove the old header pins. The simplest way is to just heat them up and push them out one by one, straight through the plastic. (make sure to ventilate your room well) You may grip the other end with pliers to pull them out, again, with quite low force applied.
  6. After all that, use solder wick again to clean up the holes in order to be able to insert replacement parts.

I think it was transport, delivered broken. I just dont know for sure. Was over a year a go. I never opened it, it was just laying in a box on a shelf. I seem to remember you send it wrapped in bubbles, not in a cardbox.
Anyway, the package was squashed, other components had bent elements as well.

Replacement: yes, i saw that one on AliExpress. But it will take a long time to arrive.
May be this one:

Thanks for the tips.
Yes it can easily damage the board, i have had to repair boards in the past :wink: My technique can be improved. Nowadays, i have a desoldering gun. Still tricky. I’ll use the SMD heat fan to heat continuously while softly pulling the board, and remove header pins afterwards.

I never soldered the corner pins in the first place, because i new there was damage anyway.

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We could mail you a replacement screen. Otherwise, the screen in the link looks very similar, except the silkscreen has D0 and D1 instead of SCK and SDA. It’d be good to double-check with the store what’s the IC on this display.

It is a different chip, a ssd1306 chip.

Looks like SSD1306 is not compatible with SH1106. Please send us an e-mail at hello@blokas.io and we’ll arrange a replacement screen to be mailed out to you. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I have send an email.

The replacement has arrived. Unit is working perfectly.
Thx. Great service.

(I have put in a socket for the display, and cut it down a bit. Won’t need to
desolder the 7 pins in the future. Just corner pins.
I anticipate little accidents if its in my rig :wink: )

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Great! :slight_smile: Keep us posted on how you use it in your rig, we’re very interested. :wink: