Offsets and intervals for mapping

Additional parameters for offsetting a mapped parameter would make mapping even more capable.

Sometimes one may want to map a " work with" low + high + another value to 1 CC or note. When mapping all 3, values for all will always start at 0, limiting how precisely you can use it in a multi-mapped scenario.

If it were possible to add a offset and intervals to each mapped parameter than you could precisely set ranges and outputs to be controlled externally for complex triggering. For example, if I want 0-10 to output note 1 and 11-20 to output a note 50 instead of note 11-20, I would offset the high value by 9, offset the note value by 49 then set the interval by 10.

Instead of increasing from 0 to 1, ideally you could optionally advance by intervals of (x), i.e., every 1 value advances by 2, or 3, or 5 etc etc.

I believe the possibilities by mapping this way would open up vasts amount of possibilities and help streamline complexly mapped patches.