Odd beheaviour with control change among pedalbords

Ok I have two pedalbords configured

and the other is

I configured my midi keyboard controller to have all control changes on channel 16, pedalboards switch on channel 15 and snapshots switch on channel 14.

I configured my keyboard pots to control different parameters, and one of them is the overal volume mapped on CC3 on channel 16.
In the first pedalboard i mapped the “fluidsynth” gain on CC3 ch 16 with midi learn. In the second pedalboard i mapped the “dexed” gain on the same CC3 ch 16 with midi learn. This because it is handy to have the same pot assigned to the same function among pedalboards.

When working with the GUI and switching pedalboard in the web interface everything work as it should. The problem arise when switching with pedalboard with midi control change.

Ok let say i rebooted everything and i didn’t open the GUI.
I send the CC15 value 0 to select the first pedalboard (fluidsynth)
I send the CC14 value 0 to select the first snapshots
The volume knob on CC3 ch 16 work nice … no problem

Now i want to change pedalboard … so i send CC15 value 1 to select the second pedalboard (dexed) and CC14 value 0 to select the first snapshot in the pedalboard.

At this point the volume control CC3 on channel 16 does nothing … however this beheaviour is not consistent … ie … sometimes work … sometimes does not.

If i switch back to the previous pedalboard volume knob work again… so it seems that the CC3 ch 16 was stil tailored to the fluidsynth plugin ad does not switched context.

What i do not understand is why sometime it works … because if the midi learn assigned control was fixed to a specific plugin it should not to work in every case.

The question is hence how modep work with global or local assigned midi control change among pedalboards. Note that for the CC mapped to the roomy plugin they work in every case because even when switching pedalboards i use the same roomy plugin. It seems that the problem manifest when use the same control change in different plugin used i different pedalboard switched with midi control change command.

Tnx for any help … i suggest you to reproduce the issue to better understand.