Octave by buttons

I’ve searched the forum and found a post from a year ago where Octave pitch offset was requested for the note remapping and in it there’s a brief explanation of using the CC remappers so you could get a knob or fader sending CC to switch only by octave. But this is useless when you have no knobs or faders left to use but have some buttons you could map! As the MidiHub seems to not have any state memory or shift registers or anything like that is there any way to map an Oct+ and Oct- button? Or would the only be to map a button for every octave you want to access discretely?

Hey @Kazakore, yes this is possible.

Please state what messages your “Oct±” buttons will send in.

PS. I’m fairly sure Giedrius’ Dispatcher PC change preset could be adapted to do the trick, but the loopback Program Change patch mentioned here might be shorter when adapted for 1.15+. (the advantage of Giedrius’ technique was to avoid loopbacks but that was then…)

I’ll be rewriting the loopback one for virtual mappings in the near future.

@Kazakore, The Program Change patch is now updated with Virtual Mappings.
It’s only needs slight tweaking to become an Octaver

This version would have two Transposes, one to do the arithmetic as in the PC patch, and another “musical” Transpose

The Monitor shows Incoming and Outgoing of the 2nd Transpose with a CEG arp running.
The Up/Down CCs are included for clarity.

Let me know if you need any help.

PS. About a year ago @Mikeyhoy was asking for an adaptation of Transpose. The idea of a Unit property came up and @dannytaurus produced a nice list.

The patch above uses this trick for its Arithmetic Transpose setting:

Arithmetic Transpose

where 20,21 are just the ids of the ± buttons…

…but 52, 76 give the ± octaves
(cos 64 = Transpose 0, so 64 - 12 = 52, 64 + 12 = 76)

So a few more pipes would give a “2 button - 1knob” Interval Transposer.
Better to wait for a Transpose upgrade?

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Thanks for your help. I’ve not had a chance to look since I asked the question but now you’ve told me it’s possible and given some resources I’m sure I’ll manage when I find the time.

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Oh, did you create a patch for the Clock Fallback?