Octatrack as MASTER to Ableton

Hello everyone!

help me fix the problem.

I’m using my octatrack mk2 as master clock for all my other devices also for Ableton.

Also I use Octa as Start/Stop device.

When I’m starting play clock goes out of sync.
PLease help me fix this issue

Midihub 2023.11.01 23.03.07 (Preset 1).mhp (384 Bytes)
This is mine Pipeline in Midihub

Also I will record short video of Ableton clock behavior

May be I should make ableton master to octa? How can I done it?


I notice that your Filter is stopping Clock going through to USB-A: tick all the message types you don’t want going out USB-A and thus to Ableton.
(or just click Invert if you only want Clock)

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the problem still here. I can’t perfectly sync devices.

I need to surrender to it? and just start recording after clock will sync?

I saw in promo vids that developers use octa and midihub.

Syncing through USB always has some jitter, as timings of when the Clock messages arrive are always a bit inconsistent, as the USB Host keeps scanning every connected USB device for new input. This is how USB is designed. These fluctuations shouldn’t matter much in practice though, devices should still be playing the same beat, as this is dictated by the number of actual Clock messages received (a quarter note is exactly 24 clock messages), not by their timings. The value that Ableton displays is the current BPM rate estimate, based on the jittery Clock messages it receives. It should still keep overall sync to the same beat with the rest of the devices.