Note to CC based on pitch

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I’m about to buy a Midihub and I’m trying to see if it has a certain functionality.
I’ve searched around and couldn’t find an answer, mostly because I’m pretty new to MIDI and I don’t exactly know what to look for, or how to word my query.

I saw a video, that shows a way to send midi notes from a keyboard to a midi box (in this case the Bome), which in turn transforms these notes to CCs that are based on the notes’ pitch, and controls an oscillator’s tuning.
Is this possible on the midihub?

Thank you in advance!

Here’s the video:

Hey Mike (and welcome to midihub forum)
I watched vid through to about 4m when loopop gives the brief description of what Bome is doing.

The answer is Yes ( with a slight “depending”)
the pipe to look at is Transform.

This will take pretty much any MIDI message of a type and create a new one from it.
So, in your case it could take a note_on from Keystep on say ch6 and create say a CC#17 on ch2 from it.

While you’re in Midihub Documentation, take a look at the various filters. These could be used to split off one pipeline so that it only allows through notes for a part of the keyboard

Midihub can also do stuff like Scale Remap so that any note you hit would be forced into a scale of your choice before it got Transformed to a pitch CC.

I don’t know BomeBox in detail. I’m assuming that, like Midihub,it scales the notenumber linearly and so I assume the Elektron behaves nicely.
What I mean is: if say CC=60 → C3 and CC=72 → C4 then CC=48 → C2.

Does the manual say what value corresponds to what pitch?

PS. you can download the Editor and start creating patches and upload one here for comment.


Thank you @resonotter!
That sounds great.

The manual does not say what the values are (but I’m not exactly sure what MSB, LSB, NRPN, etc. mean):

I tested it with my MIDI controller, and it looks like the values are a bit different than your description.
The Pitch knob on the synth has a range of (-63) to (+63), and the CC#17 values are:

C2 = 40
C3 = 52
C4 = 64
C5 = 76
C6 = 88

Is this something that can be programmed into the midihub?

yeah, that’s cool:

it goes up 12/octave so either a Note Remap before the Transform or a Rescale after it will achieve what you want.

So both a possible and a simple patch.

From a glance at your OSC2 table it looks like you might also get some (low-res) pitch bend using CC#49 if that’s useful.(EDIT: this is probably wrong – CC49 is likely to just do bending up to the next note)

Welcome to Midihub world!


should point out that Bome seems to be acting as both power source and MIDI USB host for the KeyStep.

Midihub won’t do this.

With Midihub, a computer-free solution would look like this:

Screen Shot 2023-07-16 at 06.11.43

(ie. the MIDI messages from KeyStep are coming in via MIDI DIN & it is powered independent of Midihub)

Sorry if that’s a deal-breaker…


Wow, that’s awesome!
I just ordered the midihub, should be here in a couple of days :slight_smile:
(I don’t have the keystep, I use another keyboard. so no problem here).

I also went through the manual and there are so many cool options!
Looks like a must have tool for any studio.

Thank you for your help!

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Excellent, time to get patching on the Editor!

A couple of extra ideas:

Have fun!


Many thanks @resonotter !