Non-linear CC remap

I’m trying to use a Faderfox UC4 to control a 1010 BlueBox mixer. The controller is great, but the mixer responds to CC input linearly rather than logarithmically, which means the most important part of the control range around unity corresponds to a very small part of the fader movement. In an ideal world, either 1010 or Faderfox would fix this, but without that, I’m wondering if there’s a way to do a non-linear remap of CC values. The only thing I’ve come up with off hand would be to transform the CC into notes, use the EQ function to create the curve, and then convert back to CC. Would that even work? Is there a sensible way to do it?

Hey, sure, Equalizer pipe can work with CC values directly:

The curve itself is based on cubic function, but playing around with the Low, Medium, High parameters you should be able to get it into the shape you’re after. :slight_smile:


Oh, awesome! It didn’t look like it could from the docs. Thank you!

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This is why I love midihub! There is a simple fix (ok, sometimes a complex fix) for stuff you encounter along the way when you connect different gear.


Is it possible to create this kind of curve with CC Remap?

Hey, yes, it’s possible:

V.mhp (170 Bytes)

Add CC Range Filter pipes just after the Filter pipes to apply this only to particular CC number(s)

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