No sound tuxguitar

Hello , i hope use tuxguitar for the tablature but no sound output…

Guitarix OK
Audacity OK

The sound send Of jack3.5 and hdmi , but no send jack 6.5…

Hummmm i am in raspbian , help i cant no find …

Hi, I managed to get timidity to produce audio via Pisound, I had to install some additional packages to the tuxguitar one:

sudo apt-get install tuxguitar tuxguitar-* timidity

Then I manually launched timidity, which is the thing that’s actually producing audio, from a terminal like this:

timidity -EFreverb=0 -iA -Os -o hw:pisound

It produces the following output:

Note the -Os -o hw:pisound - it says to use ALSA backend and use Pisound as the output device.

Then in tuxguitar, go to Tools -> Settings -> Sound, select Real Time Sequencer and pick one of the TiMidity ports, as shown in the screenshot:

Then clicking the ‘Play’ button in tuxguitar produced audio via Pisound.

Wooooh thank’s you very much !!!

Yeahhh thé sound send Of pisound !!! Thank’s :smiley:

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