No sound in MODEP

Hi guys, I have the same error - no sound at all. Recently got my new pi model b and baked a new SD-Card with modep. After running modep via ssl I could access via pisound.local but I got no sound after all.

I let modep on-click configuration run through - no errors at all.
My module blinks after pushing the button and it also recieves Midi (in + out are working).

Is there anything, I can do to get my sound going?

Hi, I moved your post to its own topic.

For MODEP, please use the beta image [Beta] MODEP 2018-01-22.

And even before that, let’s get sound working with your Pisound :slight_smile: Best would be to start with a usual Raspbian with Desktop image from

Once booted, try running speaker-test -c2 -r48000 -Dhw:1,0 in a terminal. It should produce noise each stereo channel at a time.

If you don’t get any audio output, there’s usually 3 causes:

  1. Some unexpected audio software is using Pisound exclusively.
  2. Power supply provides too little power, try using one rated >=2 amps.
  3. Weak contact is made between RPi and Pisound - try powering off the system, removing the cards, putting them back together and apply slight pressure on the headers side, so the boards appear perfectly parallel, and try testing audio again.

Let us know how it goes!

Hi @Giedrius, I’ve updated my image and now everything works fine! Cheers, Thomas