Nice and powerful little box

Initial thoughts after playing a few hours with the MIDIHUB

Very nice, clean, and simple yet sturdy. Like it has some heft to it opposed to some other small midi boxes made of plastic.

I do wish the preset button was on the top or front though. They could also have labeled the ports on the box itself to correspond to the lettering in the editor.

Software Editor
Been working quite well, except for some odd crash (OSX Catalina Imac 5k) but in all relatively fast once you get the hang of it.

Do wish they separated the inputs and output, and preferably labeled them sources and destinations instead.

I do miss the feature to rename your ports, to help you know what’s connected to what.

The 4 in/out is nice but for larger setups, you will have to stack these.

Lack of USB host might be a dealbreaker for a dawless setup if you plan to use this as your sole midi router.

Two USB ports would have been nice, one for the editor and one for connecting it to a master midi router. Or connecting two MIDIHUBS together.

This little box does not replace a midi router like my mioXL, which has 10 USB host ports, 32 presets a pile of DIN ports, rack-mountable, etc.

BUT it is a perfect companion to it!

It can’t be overstated how versatile this little box is!

Anyone who uses MIDI on a regular basis needs one, period!

I promise you will make use of it in one way or the other. Even if you disregard all the creative possibilities, just as a tool to split you’r keyboard or channel remapping etc it’s really powerful!


I paid 147€ with express shipping (no VAT) which in my opinion is a bargain, considering the build, and the capability of this box.

Will probably order a second unit, just to have for experimenting!