Newbie question about Akai APC Key 25 and feedback about start

First of all - I’d like to say thanks to all who is involved in the great software I’m trying to deal with.
After viewing videos about Organelle and Orac 2 I’ve decided to check this out and have ordered RPI 3 and I have several newbie questions and suggestions:

  1. I have reached good results while installing software to my RPI 3, but then I’ve paused with progress for a few hours while I’m tried to understand how I can control parameters the sound that I can listen from an audio output (video tutorials for the beginning steps with Orac will be so appreciated!). Currently trying to understand the PD workflow, but I think I can reach it by learning PD basics.

  2. I have connected Akai APC Key 25 to RPI and Orac reacts to all the control buttons, but not for the piano keys. For the different DAWs there are a bunch of mapping presets for different controllers. Are there any such functionality for Orac? If no, what the alternative to Orac can be suggested to work inside Patchbox OS? I’m not feeling well while working with DAWs and my notebook and I want to have something that I can use as a standalone multifunctional device with my MIDI over USB controller.

Thanks in advance.