Newbie MIDI Recording Question


I have a Pisound

I also have a Yamaha electronic drum kit with a MIDI out

I would like to record the drums using the MIDI signals (I have been doing it acoustically, happily, but more fun is better)

I have never done anything like that.

Is there software that I can run on the Pi that will let me connect the MIDI out on the drums to the MIDI in on the Pisound and record the MIDI events?

I am assuming I can then process it in a DAW like Ardour or in Hydrogen…

Hey, if you’re running a DAW on the Raspberry Pi already, you should be able to simply use the Pisound’s ALSA MIDI Input port directly.

Otherwise, there’s ought to be some basic ALSA sequencer utilities that can record MIDI to files.

@worik I was going to suggest that you use MODEP and just feed the MIDI into one of the available drum generators (like FLUIDGM or one of the Black Pearl plugins) then use the sc_record plugin to record the audio…but then realized that the drum generators are not in Patchstorage! Imagine my embarrassment!

So I will check why those are not in Patchstorage over the weekend. That could be a very easy way to create audio recordings without needing MICs.

Of course…the other option is to run the audio output of your drums in to MODEP and use the same sc_record plugins to capture the audio. Then you could also add some reverb, delay, etc.

Thank you

In the context I am going to have to script it. So some basic ALSA sounds like a good idea.

I have no idea what “some basic ALSA sequencer” might be.

I do not use the Pi much for recording audio, I use it as an effects pedal and record audio on a laptop

Yes, but it is the MIDI events I want to record

Ah…I didn’t understand that, sorry. I checked the MOD plugins and I don’t see one there and I know we don’t have one in MODEP.

Check out arecordmidi.

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Very good. Thank you

I can record midi with that, and I can play it back with amidi

I cannot find any software for editing it, is there any?
Is there a definition of the file format somewhere?

The MIDI Association - MIDI Clip File Specification - SMF MIDI 2.0.

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