New User - Arp Up/Down bug - maybe?

Hi - New user - loving MidiHub so far. Using version 1.15.0
I have a simple Arpeggiator - it works fine when pattern is set to UP however if I set it to UP/DOWN it plays the notes up to the highest and then just repeats the high note forever - i.e. does not play down.
For example
Input C4, E4, G4 and hold
Output from Arp
C4 on → C4 off → E4 on → E4 off → G4 on → G4 off → G4 on → G4 off
then it just repeats G4 on → G4 off
Any ideas appreciated

Yep, issue replicated in 1.15.1

Test patch: JB_ArpIssue.mhp

Types and 1.15.1 issue

  • Up: √
  • Down: repeats highest only
  • Up and Down: one cycle then repeats highest
  • Down and Up: repeats highest only
  • Up and Down Incl.: one cycle then repeats highest
  • Down and Up Incl.: repeats highest only
  • Low Up: √
  • Low Up and Down: one cycle then repeats highest with Low
  • High Up: √
  • High Up and Down: one cycle then repeats highest
  • Chords: √
  • Random: √
  • Entirely Up then Down: one cycle then repeats highest
  • Entirely Down then Up: repeats highest only

@JamesB welcome to Midihub forums…

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Just started using my new midihub for the first today with 1.15.1 and I have this issue.
I will add that I cannot get delays or arps to work with external clock - only internal clock. But this may be as I am new.

Are you seeing BPM at the clock input pipe?
Are seeing Clock messages in the Monitor window?

Discovered some clashing external lock signals. Arp and delay work fine now on external clock.
The original issue above remains though.
Any thoughts?>

That’s one for @Blokas; I imagine @Giedrius will be on it soon.
(AFAIK Arp was working as expected when new types were intro’d in 1.14 beta)

Hmm, I couldn’t reproduce the Arp issues, including when using @resonotter’s preset. Could you showcase the simplest way to reproduce the problem, when clocked with a Clock pipe?

Here’s my simple:

monitor shots:

EDIT:(on iMac2013; confirmed on MacBook2014)

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Could you reproduce the issue using “Down” and send me the export of the monitor events?

All Monitor events with most of pre and post Clocks deleted

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Ah okay, it reproduces, as long as the notes are not on Ch. 1. :slight_smile: I’ll look into this.


Fixed in 1.15.1 Firmware.


Hi @Giedrius - wonderful. I have tested and I can confirm that the issues I observed are resolved.

Thanks for the spectacular customer support & also thanks to the community who contributed to thread.



Have you tested on different channels @JamesB ?

Hi @resonotter …good point
I’ve just done a quick test across all 16 channels and no issues found.