Needed: Hi-Rise PiSound Case

Not sure if this is considered a feature request.
I don’t want to abandon the branding of the Blokas community on my RPi 4B & PiSound Hat so I need taller side panels for my current case of a new case to accommodate the addition of an M.2 NVME SSD Storage Expansion Board. Can I order a custom case from Blokas or is there a community member willing to make one for me that matches the material and branding of the regular PiSound case?

We can’t offer a customized case, but in case anyone is up for it, and would like to include the Blokas logo, here’s the SVG you could use: :slight_smile:


Cool, and thank you for sharing.
What font is used for Blokas branding? Is there a forum category for soliciting community members who make such things for themselves and others?
Also, I looked for a Blokas style guide but didn’t find one in the docs wiki. I have professional experience in design and would be happy to work on creating one. This article has “rebrand” in the title, but the same principles apply regardless of the case.

I really need the vector file(s) for the RPi 4B sides to the case so I can pay someone to laser cut taller side panels, so can I get the template for making the pisound case so I don’t have to redraw the entire thing from scratch? All I could find so far was this from 4 years ago.

We sent you a PM. The case design is not currently open source.

OK, the M.2 SSD Expansion Card arrived, so I assembled it to begin getting real-world measurements for how tall I need to make the custom side panels for the stock Blokas pisound case top and bottom panels.

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Might not be the look you are after but there might be something on Ender 3 Dual Rail Raspberry Pi 4 case by iiianydayiii - Thingiverse you could modify.

There are 3D print groups on FB where people ask for help on custom designs.

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Thank you, I have measured and recreated the Blokas side panels in LibreCAD (Free, Open-Source version of QCAD CAD/CAM software). I am making them just tall enough to clear the additional height of the M.2 expansion card. It was easy to find a good quality frosted clear Plexiglass and reach out to a few people experienced in laser cutting to see who is interested taking the job for a reasonable price.

Longer-term I am experimenting with my own case designs inspired by someone else’s project where they used a laser-cut press-fit assembly technique shown in this image.

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thats a cool idea for faster larger storage. let us know it works out