Need help with sending output audio via network

I’m looking for a solution to send filtered output audio via network so that it can be used on another PC in the network as virtual audio interface device.

What I’ve found is this: but it needs a C++ developer to create a program recognize PiSound and send it’s audio via network using NDI, that would be the best solution, and great feature for many users that are looking easy way to send audio via network, because NDI can be used with many software and hardware, especially for professional live streaming!


Mumble, but I don’t know how to get audio from PiSound to RPi Mumble client, I’m totally confused with jackd and how to connect stuff… huh


FFMpeg, Cvlc, VLC etc.

Tried with FFmpeg and few lines, but I couldn’t get any audio going on… Not sure what I need to do, does it has something with jackd or what…


NetJack… No frickin idea how to even start with it…

Thank you and really hope that someone can help me here.


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Hey Vendranius,

We’re heading down the ffmpeg route and having some success. Maybe take a look at the syntax in our live-streaming script here – – though I’m not savvy about how you’d optimally transfer to your PC within a LAN. Our solution of uploading to the cloud and then playing via a browser is not likely what you want, but take a look at how ffmpeg can output to a UDP stream (in the DASH streaming part of our script – which we’re not currently using)…

For context, here’s a post about the hardware/software we’re using to build a way to listen live to underwater sea sounds

Best of luck,
Scott in Seattle, WA, USA