Need help with audio hat

Purchased the following audio hat:

Trying to get it to work with patchbox os.
dmesg says, “ASoC: failed to init link HiFiBerry DAC+ADC”
Only modification I’ve made to os so far is adding:
to end of /boot/config.txt
Appreciate any advice. Thank you.

Btw - Also tried:
but my input disappears!

This is embarrassing. Hat has not input. Still getting errors with dtoverlay=allo-boss-dac-pcm512x-audio though. Appreciate any help.

Hey, try updating your kernel by running:

sudo rpi-update

By the way, Patchbox OS can be considered as a build of Raspberry Pi OS with a couple of packages preinstalled for convenience, so that means any troubleshooting steps about this card and Raspberry Pi OS that you can find on the internet should apply to Patchbox OS too.

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