Need Glide plugin?

Hi i use MODEP with a MIDI keyboard. Can you suggest some plugin to add glide (aka portamento) effect to the sound ?

@fcapozzi so are you generating the sounds via MIDI or do you have something else plugged into the audio input?

I have a Midi keyboard connected to MIDI input and than i use Fluidsynth to generate sound.
No audio input connected.

@fcapozzi okay, I may not be of much help here as I play bass guitar and have very little experience with the MIDI aspects of MODEP. So is the glide function that you’re talking about the same as pitch bend?

The glide effect is when you play two note … say C3 and D3 and you hear a sweep from the first note to the second. it is a sort of pitch bend, so when you play a melody the sound move across the notes you play.

@fcapozzi I’m fairly confident noting exists in MODEP for this currently and a search of the plugins on the MOD website also doesn’t show anything as well.

Sorry, not the answer I know you were hoping for.