Name my Creations


it would be so nice if I could name my presets so I can see, what it is before I am loading it.

In addition to that I would ask for a warning if I overwrite a preset. The Button Save and Load are so similar that I often press the wrong.

Thank you for this great piece of technic.

Good idea, I think we could use the Description field to extract the name of the preset shown in the save/load preset menu in device’s memory.

The Description text uses markdown syntax for formatting, so the title is usually expressed by starting a line with a single #, like this:

# The Amazing Preset

Would you want a warning when saving the preset even if it is the currently loaded preset, or only when saving to a different slot?

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it would help when the buttons would have different colors :slight_smile: no joking …
red --> save green --> load maybe and a PC with an Arrow to the PC and from the PC away … I hope you understand that :slight_smile:

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