My First Loop (inspired by Reinhardt Buhr) (made with Pisound + Modep + Sooper Looper)

My first loop! I binge watched a bunch of Reinhardt Buhr’s looping work the other night and this inspired me to make this loop! Everything in the loop was my voice (with effects) or a classical guitar!

I used a Linux + Raspberry Pi + Pisound + MODEP and Sooper Looper LV2 Plugin + Behringer FCB1010 foot controller w/EurekePROM chip upgrade + my voice and guitar.

This is almost a fully open source stack, the only thing that isn’t is the Behringer foot controller and the chip upgrade, but all the effects and software and even the hardware/Pisound low-latency linux soundcard for Pi is all open!

Go binge watch Reinhardt Buhr’s channel, sooo good!

This is one Reinhardt Buhr’s videos that inspired me


The FCB1010 is from Behringer not Boss

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Thanks, updated!

Also fixed Reinhardt’s name (I had it as Reinholdt).

Second loop, two measures >

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