Multiple titles running on patchbox simultaneously?

hi. i want to run dirtywave m8c and reaper at the same time, routing reaper into m8 and audio input device in to reaper and audio from m8 to output. is it possible?

the product page doesnt mention reaper but i thought i had seen a video about it. is it not possible to install?

anybody? hello?

If they have builds for arm64 or source code to compile yourself, and can use Jack as the audio backend, then both can run simultaneously.

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thanks for the answer!

ok so i now see that this is pretty much the same as raspberry pi os but with realtime kernel and low latency, like it says on the tin. so i can set up reaper or whatever i like and its just better than before. awesome. it was easy to install too! just what i was lookin for! many thaks for this.

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