Multiple pipes, Multiple synths, 1 OUT |Mapping|

Hi there,

I am sending several channels through port A. Through port A is a MIDI THRU sending to 4 synths. I’ve made the MIDIhub channel 16. I’m wondering why if the synths are on separated channels, with separate pipes containing unique CC mappings, why controlling one affects all channels?

forumexample.mhp (2.0 KB)

I’m sorry if this was confusing. I’m attaching my preset. Would the solution be to map the CC on separate channels?

Could you give an example in terms of what messages are sent into Midihub, what is the expected result, and what is the actual observed result?

The CC mappings are uniquely identified based on three things - the input port, the channel and the CC number. If the CC numbers are unique for each mapping, doing it on a different channels won’t have any additonal effect.


I am sending CC messages with an encoder to Midihub. These messages consist of utilizing the clock divider (bypass, divide) and down the line mapped parameters of length, repeater, and delay. I created a pipeline for each MIDI channel as I thought this was necessary. However, the result is that regardless of which pipe I intend to control all instruments are receiving these changes.

I hope this explains it.

The Clock messages don’t have a channel and affect the entire port. If these messages are internal to Midihub processing only, then make sure to filter them out before they reach the output.

If you’re getting unexpected messages delivered to some outputs, there might be some alternative route that they manage to take, possibly missing some filters at the right places. In that case, it would be a good idea to bypass most of the preset, and work your way through enabling various lines / functionality, seeking out the moment you start getting unexpected messages through and fix that. (most likely using various Filters)