More standard scale presets

How about some more standard scale presets?

Yes, I realise we can map our own, but thats a bit cumbersome to do on a per-patch basis and the default selection in there seems a bit, well, random to say the least!

It’s missing common western modes, i.e. Dorian, Phrygian, etc.

To have Balinese pentatonic, but not a regular pentatonic minor? That’s kinda weird…

Hey, thank you for the suggestion, we can extend the list of presets, a list of the scales and modes you and others would like to see included would be very helpful. :slight_smile:


Well I’d definitely start with the standard western modes, i.e.

I Ionian W–W–H–W–W–W–H (Major)
II Dorian W–H–W–W–W–H–W
III Phrygian H–W–W–W–H–W–W
IV Lydian W–W–W–H–W–W–H
V Mixolydian W–W–H–W–W–H–W
VI Aeolian W–H–W–W–H–W–W (Minor)
VII Locrian H–W–W–H–W–W–W (though only complete lunatics ever use Locrian!)

Obviously the major/minor are already covered, but it would make sense to have all those for starters

Personally I use Phrygian, Harmonic Minor and the Spanish Gypsy (which is the 5th mode of harmonic minor) a lot. (Revealing my mis-spent youth of Goa Trance and Ozric Tentacles now…)

Hopefully others will find this useful and chip in some suggestions too…


If you want to include absolutely everything, this is a nice overview of 167 different scales (of which the first 86 are probably the most useful). It’s implemented in the MidiAlf and is a great way to try out different styles. Personally, I’d be satisfied with the pentatonic scales and the ones @RiK mentioned, because I’m so very conventional :upside_down_face: