Monitor audio inputs

Hi, this relates to the troubleshooting I’m doing in my last query, but is there a query I can run that allows me to monitor audio inputs, similar to how speaker-test monitors audio outputs. I’d like to know whether my pisound is receiving stereo audio.

Relatedly, to save space in people’s inboxes with my queries, is there a document containing all of the command line queries that one can make to pisound? I didn’t find it under ‘docs’ on here.

Thanks so much for any help,

These are not specific to Pisound itself, but are rather generic Linux audio utilities. As Pisound follows all the ALSA (the main Linux audio backend, integrated into its kernel), virtually any Linux audio utility should work just fine with Pisound. So any information on Linux audio you find on the Internet should pretty much apply to Pisound too.

For verifying audio input, I think the easiest and most hands on approach would be to use Audacity to do some audio recording. You can also play it back too, or generate a test tone and play it out.

Hi Giedrius,

Thanks so much for your patience with my basic questions, that really helps me understand it.

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