Monitor and Widget Settings

Hello there! I am using Patchbox OS also as a daily driver and some settings like lxrandr and panel widgets become reset after a reboot. Is this a configuration error or a feature of Patchbox OS or is there something wrong going on?

Thanks a lot in advance

I am using a rpi 4 and booting from a USB drive

Which settings in particular get reset?

Hello! Thanks for answering.

lxrandr, which is the settings for the monitors (video), this settings can be opened by the command lxrandr in the terminal

also the settings for my weather widget, the one in the panel on the desktop, which is a feature of the lxde (desktop environment) afaik.

The desktop settings might be getting overridden by the settings in /boot/config.txt and Raspberry Pi Configuration panel.

Not sure what could be affecting the weather widget.

Patchbox OS is not doing anything in particular in regards to these applications, as it itself is based on Raspberry Pi OS lite version, you can try searching for general info for these apps and Raspberry Pi.